Established in 1998 by Department of Training and Technical Education, Govt. of Delhi, India’s first Engineering College for women, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology aims to enhance scientific development and educate bright female minds in science, technology and other areas of academic excellence that will best serve the global issues in the 21st century. The atmosphere in the campus is charged with a quest for knowledge. .

IGITMUN 2013, hosted by Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology aims to provide a platform for young diplomats to groom themselves in understanding international foreign policy, in a suitably incredible environment found within IGIT campus. At IGITMUN, we shall be following the spirit of diplomacy to add another chapter to the successful story that IGITMUN 2012 was.

We nurtured peace last year. We proclaimed peace by the means of The Peace Herald and this year we aim to take that peace even further. Our motto is not a mere namesake flair, and its importance is something that the entire IGITMUN family understands and respects. Peace is not an end of war, it is an even more sophisticated understanding that human beings have to carve out for themselves. Diplomacy is a translation of not ending, but continuing war by other means. At IGITMUN, only by the means of the service and the quality that we deliver, we ensure that it is not just diplomacy, but a yet another level of it. We want to take peace forward this year.

But our mission did not end on mere ideology. There is no merit of holding an event of such importance to all of us that does not benefit the class of society totally aloof of our deliberations. Therefore, we decided to have a parallel project called IGITMUN Social Responsibility Project to educate primary school children around the city about war, peace and the role of United Nations.

Our attempt was to nurture peace in the minds of those that are still growing and haven’t seen war of any kind. There can’t be a change, after-all, if there is no attempt at making change.